About us

Our mission is to build stable applications for our customers. From standard products or custom tailored stacks.

We bring data to a new level

Surely you like to keep up with time and build a highly contemporary web application or a brand new offline application. At this point you could be faced with many problems: how can you ensure that the old database fits in the new system? Can you keep your data inhouse? Is your database too big? But don’t worry - with your dockerized applications plattform this problem doesn’t exist anymore.

Your data is way to big to travel or you even wanna keep your data inhouse? No worries - we got it covered! We call it data gravity. Therefore we analyse your data mass, your “planet of data” and build a custom machine (like a little satellite) which uniquely works with your database and your resources. We stick this little satellite in a docker container which you simply run on your system. The little satellite can now use the data of your little planet for a webservice or even an offline application.  And the best: Your database can stay within your old system inhouse.